We are excited to introduce a new ranking system that has been developed and implemented by Carl Helmick. This new system not only uses validated algorithms for determining sport rankings, it also provides player profiles, match histories, and information about how match outcomes affect rankings.


Please visit the site and have a look. When doing so, however, please be aware that some players may be missing from the list of Squash Nova Scotia Members. Only CURRENT Squash Nova Scotia Members who have played AT LEAST ONE tournament or league match in the 2010-11 season will be listed.  Note: If you have paid your membership dues for 2010-11AND have played at least one tournament or league match this year, your name should be in the list. If it is not, please contact Carl Helmick <chelmick@dal.ca>.
2011-12 Squash NS Rankings




The site is still under development so there may be some “bugs” in the operation or content. You should consider current rankings to be approximate. The reliability of the rankings will improve over time as more matches are played; some adjustments to the algorithms are also expected.


Also note the difference in terminology when viewing the new rankings site.  A ranking is the order determined when sorting players by their ratings, or another measure such as number of matches played in a given season.  A rating is a numerical measurement of player ability and skill relative to other players in the system.  Winning a match usually increases a player’s rating, losing usually decreases the player’s rating, and the amount of gain or loss is controlled by how far apart the two player’s ratings were before the match.  Details of the algorithm and a test calculator are described on the site.


The initial rankings were determined by seeding the 2008 season with the 2007 end-of-season rankings (calculated in the old SportPro software). The new algorithm was applied to the 2008 season results to produce initial rankings for 2009-10. The initial ranking of players who are new in 2011 have been estimated based on the outcome of their first few matches of the season. The assigned rankings for these new players will likely require some adjustment as the season progresses; changes should be anticipated until these new players have played at least 6 tournament or league matches with at least 1 win and 1 loss.
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