About the League

The Premier League is a full season “box-style” league looking to provide a regular source of competitive squash for players at the top of Squash Nova Scotia’s ranking system (“A” players and, where required by numbers, highly ranked “B” players). There are 24 players in four divisions that compete on Tuesday and Thursday nights, except when courts are being used for a tournament or when they happen to land on a holiday. All Premier League matches are held at SMUfit (Homburg Health and Wellness Centre) at Saint Mary’s University located in Halifax.

Each year the Premier League season is broken down into two sessions. The fall session runs from September to December, and winter session runs from January to April. A winner for each division is crowned at the end of each half. Movement in and out of the Premier League and between the divisions (boxes) is determined by rankings and results of previous league competition. For further information please contact Pat Kelly, Kevin Byrne, and Carl Helmick at snspremierleague@gmail.com.

The Premier League section of the SquashNS website is also run through snspremierleague@gmail.com – please contact us for any issues.

Below are links to the 2015/2016 Fall session information (hosted on Google-docs):


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