Squash Nova Scotia fosters and promotes a squash community for players of all abilities from across the province to improve the profile of the sport and its enjoyment by its members.

The Supporting Pillars

  1. Achievement of broad levels of participation in the sport of squash [Participaltion]
  2. Supporting a culture of competitive excellence between players and clubs in Nova Scotia and at a national level[Excellence]
  3. Increase capacity of infrastructure and resource to support future growth of the sport [Capacity]

Underlying Mandates

  1. Elite Athletes [Excellence]
  2. Coaching [Excellence, Participation]
  3. Officiating [Excellence]
  4. Tournaments and rankings [Excellence, Participation]
  5. Communication and membership [Participation, Capacity]
  6. Governance [Capacity, Participation]
  7. Operations [Capacity]
  8. Advocacy and sponsorship [Capacity]
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